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“Wood is what we do, and we always find the best trees for our clients!”

For more than 40 years Swiss Holz Timber GmbH has been supplying European hardwood and softwood logs and lumber to the woodworking industries, wholesalers and timber merchants in Germany, Europe and overseas. Our species are European beech, oak, ash,maple (sycamore) and more.


Our main customers are distributors or users, mostly furniture and parquet-flooring manufacturers. We handle all domestic hardwood species as acacia, mountain ash, alder, birch, oak, maple, ash, beech, cherry, walnut, etc. You will find on our plant a wide range and stock, especially in Oak and Beech, natural or steamed, in the various qualities according EN-Norms (>> see norms for Oak or Beech).

Today we export European hardwood logs and lumber to more than 30 countries worldwide.
We regularly keep stock in standard thicknesses and grades of steamed and unsteamed beech, oak and ash lumber: unedged (waney edged) and square edged, air dried and kiln dried. Our delivery program also comprises beech and oak squares for the production of chairs and tables as well as individual dimensions which we cut to size according to our customers’ requirements.


Numerous planning devices such as detail drawings and software are available upon request. Please contact our sales department. We organize also transports by truck, train or ship.

In addition to large sawmills with state-of-the-art kiln dryers in Switzerland and Swiss Holz Timber  owns high-capacity Glulam plants for the manufacturing of glued components made of Swiss timber. With a new plant for big dimension panels the company expanded its product and service portfolio with yet another field.

We are at your disposal:

  • Expert consultation
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Transport and assembly
  • Development
  • Quality label

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